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Lightning and Lightning bugs play with an abandoned stone house

Last night’s show was multi-faceted. Lightning screamed in all directions, yet it was slow, intermittent, and kept me guessing, giving up nothing to reveal where it would indulge its wondrous display… the lightning toyed with with me as the mosquitoes drank me in … the sunset weaved tapestry after tapestry, overwhelming the senses … it ... Read more

My Kind of Fireworks : Happy Birthday USA!

Lightning!  My kind of ‘FIREWORKS’!❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA! ❤️🎂🎈🙏 Born of the sky, rumbling and booming, the thunder trumpets at random. It’s commanding echoes play in tandem with the spidery spikes that light the darkness with a ballet of silken ribbons. Thunder announces the dramatic entrance and the show erupts, electrifying us with oohs and ... Read more

Purpose letter – for all purposes and for a masters in English and non-fiction Creative Writing

A picture’s worth a thousand words. A photographic artist relies on this promise to tell her sentence deprived stories. This is what I do; I capture stories of skies kissing the landscapes. Knowledge of my technology is my creative keyboard. Emojis are a narrative stream of storm clouds, rainbows, star studded patterns, and threatening lightning. ... Read more

Artist Closing Reception July 11 (3 – 6pm) : Kristen Westlake Solo exhibition at the Shoppe, Arena, WI

Arena, Wisconsin – the Shoppe,7352 Hwy 14, Arena, WI. Artist closing reception – Saturday, June 11: 3-6pm Rural Landscape photographer Kristen Westlake, who is well known for her brilliant nature photographs and fine art photography skills, is winding up her solo exhibition at the Shoppe, in Arena. The show ends on July 15 ; Her opening reception on ... Read more

Kristen Westlake Exhibition : Arena, WI at the Shoppe – June 5 – July 5

Kristen Westlake Exhibition : There’s No Place Like Home, June 5 – July 5 Exhibition Title: ‘There’s no Place Like Home’ – fine art photographic prints from the artist’s home state, Wisconsin. Featuring rural and small town landscapes, birds, waterscapes, seasons and skies that define the beauty of the midwest. Location: the Shoppe, 7352 Hwy 14 ... Read more

Polaris Star Trails and Church during Holy Week

‘Grace through Faith’  – 20150331 “He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name.” (Psalms 147:4 NKJV) Grace through Faith print.  Fine Prints available here ~  20150331 / 365 Facing the North Star, Polaris; I know that what I am unable to see physically at the start of an hour or two of exposure, will ... Read more

Personalized Christmas and Holiday Cards

I have personalized Christmas and Holiday Cards available now for purchase on my website! Please order early to ensure prompt delivery! Order here Pick your image for the front of your card and select a greeting from the drop down menu (in the cart). Or feel free to opt for a custom greeting! Cards are ... Read more

Image Title ‘Strength’ – the positive aspects of photography on rainy days

Image Title: ‘Strength’ – Purchase Strength for your wall The Story: the rain poured down on me in Copper Falls State Park, Wisconsin. I was alone, the quiet rain constant .. drenching me and the world around me. the rain saturated the landscape in front of me, making the earthen colors rich and deep in ... Read more

Lunar Eclipse at Devils Lake

At 3:15 the alarm went off and I donned my clothes and was ready to hike up onto the rocky eastern bluff of Devils Lake. With a headlamp to my head and another one at my waist, the climb seemed less scary then it did during the daylight scout hike. … With the light only ... Read more

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