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The Reign of Stars – Star Trails from

‘the Reign of Stars’ .. I combined an hour of star trails with one 20 second frame specifically for star points and the light ethereal clouds that whispered .. During the course of the time I spent atop Gibraters Rock last night I enjoyed the mesmerizing quiet, the breeze picking up to chill the air. ... Read more

A drive through the backroads for Fall Color in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

See and purchase prints with fall color  There is a theme that subtlety ties my images over the decades and the seasons, the twilight of the morning into the star studded nights. Though it may not be an obvious theme, it’s inherent to the adventure, the passion, the thought, and the excitement behind each image.  ... Read more

Milky Way and Star Trails

The milky way Saturday night over a corn field I have been eyeing for the right night …The moon didn’t rise until 3:30 am, making for a stunningly dark and star studded sky. The Milky Way, in turn, contrasted favorably against the night.. I was creating 2 star trail images for a total of 2 ... Read more

Lightning and Lightning bugs play with an abandoned stone house

Last night’s show was multi-faceted. Lightning screamed in all directions, yet it was slow, intermittent, and kept me guessing, giving up nothing to reveal where it would indulge its wondrous display… the lightning toyed with with me as the mosquitoes drank me in … the sunset weaved tapestry after tapestry, overwhelming the senses … it ... Read more

Fourth of July Kiddos – Wauwatosa Parade

The Wauwatosa Fourth of July Parade was chock full of energy, cheering, smiley faces and sticky fingers. Kiddos dressed in red, white and blue plowed the streets of candy inventory … Gooey fingers tore wrappers off colorful sugar as many rumbling tummies triggered smiles on faces. More images here. ... Read more

4th of July Parade – submariners Wauwatosa, WI

A photographer’s angle of view: It was so Much fun! I photographed in the parade (as a part of the submarine veterans with husband Donny, who is a submarine veteran) and the revolutionary war reenactment group was behind us… They kept stopping to fire muskets which left a huge gap between the submariners (ahead) and ... Read more

My Kind of Fireworks : Happy Birthday USA!

Lightning!  My kind of ‘FIREWORKS’!❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA! ❤️🎂🎈🙏 Born of the sky, rumbling and booming, the thunder trumpets at random. It’s commanding echoes play in tandem with the spidery spikes that light the darkness with a ballet of silken ribbons. Thunder announces the dramatic entrance and the show erupts, electrifying us with oohs and ... Read more

Silver Linings after a rough morning : from a deer colliding with my car to a spontaneous Horse Show

… What a week a day can bring! ….  I woke at 3 am to drive 5 hours to Seeley, WI, just north of Hayward. There I was to take down an exhibition that I had up for the month of May/June. ..  A deer hit me on the way …  After many tears and an ... Read more

Purpose letter – for all purposes and for a masters in English and non-fiction Creative Writing

A picture’s worth a thousand words. A photographic artist relies on this promise to tell her sentence deprived stories. This is what I do; I capture stories of skies kissing the landscapes. Knowledge of my technology is my creative keyboard. Emojis are a narrative stream of storm clouds, rainbows, star studded patterns, and threatening lightning. ... Read more

Crescent Moon Sequence over Allen Bradley Clock

I was nervous, anticipating the spot where I hoped to execute this piece. TPE shows great detail as to natural land obstacles that might get in the line of sight of a plan such as mine, but city blunders such as buildings or trees could easily foil my plan if they stand close to me ... Read more

Artist Closing Reception July 11 (3 – 6pm) : Kristen Westlake Solo exhibition at the Shoppe, Arena, WI

Arena, Wisconsin – the Shoppe,7352 Hwy 14, Arena, WI. Artist closing reception – Saturday, June 11: 3-6pm Rural Landscape photographer Kristen Westlake, who is well known for her brilliant nature photographs and fine art photography skills, is winding up her solo exhibition at the Shoppe, in Arena. The show ends on July 15 ; Her opening reception on ... Read more

Press Release – June 5 Kristen Westlake solo art exhibition at the Shoppe, Arena, Wisconsin

Arena, Wisconsin – June 5 – July 5, 2015 – the Shoppe,7352 Hwy 14, Arena, WI. Artist reception – Friday, June 5: 4-7pm Rural Landscape photographer Kristen Westlake, who is well known for her brilliant nature photographs and fine art photography skills, will be hosted by the Shoppe, in Arena, for a solo exhibition of her work. Her ... Read more

Kristen Westlake Exhibition : Arena, WI at the Shoppe – June 5 – July 5

Kristen Westlake Exhibition : There’s No Place Like Home, June 5 – July 5 Exhibition Title: ‘There’s no Place Like Home’ – fine art photographic prints from the artist’s home state, Wisconsin. Featuring rural and small town landscapes, birds, waterscapes, seasons and skies that define the beauty of the midwest. Location: the Shoppe, 7352 Hwy 14 ... Read more

Image Title – Kaleidoscope – a fall canopy of color in Door County Peninsula State Park

Image Title: Kaleidoscope – a fall canopy of color in Door County Peninsula State Park Purchase this print. “A man has not seen a thing who has not felt it.” Henry David Thoreau Confluence, suggests, as Mr. Thoreau expresses, the creation of art which is conceived in the union between artist and subject. It is ... Read more

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