Atop Gibraltar Rock

I'm up here in the dark,  looking down from cliffs on a peaceful night after the sun and crescent moon have both gone to slumber.

At the time I journeyed up here I nearly cursed the lugging of all the heavy clothing that I'm now happy I have ... I was fortunate though, .. this day was 70° and also turned out to be a great sky for stars and a hint of sunset color. It was supposed to be overcast and even cooler ...
One of the last nights of the year that I'd get to see the galactic center, briefly, and without a moon....
so my plan panned out!

I sit here now, in the dark, between a tree's root, while one camera clicks every four minutes for trails of stars. The other camera does the same just a bit to my left.

I had an idea for adding myself to the images when there was still plenty of light. I hauled warm gear and a few dresses and cowgirl boots. ... two tripods and two camera bodies, as well as little but important things: compass, iPhone, ...

From up here the breeze has picked up and I see lights from the houses and farms at the base of this cliff. The sounds from life below echo all the way up the cliff ...

And soon I'll pack up, grateful for the night as my fingers grow colder ...

Images from Gibraltar Rock


Twilight to Night Time lapse still created on top of Gibraltar Rock, Lodi, WI

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  1. Wow! Great pic Kristen.

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