My Kind of Fireworks : Happy Birthday USA!

Lightning!  My kind of ‘FIREWORKS’!❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA! ❤️🎂🎈🙏 Born of the sky, rumbling and booming, the thunder trumpets at random. It’s commanding echoes play in tandem with the spidery spikes that light the darkness with a ballet of silken ribbons. Thunder announces the dramatic entrance and the show erupts, electrifying us with oohs and ... Read more

Purpose letter – for all purposes and for a masters in English and non-fiction Creative Writing

A picture’s worth a thousand words. A photographic artist relies on this promise to tell her sentence deprived stories. This is what I do; I capture stories of skies kissing the landscapes. Knowledge of my technology is my creative keyboard. Emojis are a narrative stream of storm clouds, rainbows, star studded patterns, and threatening lightning. ... Read more

Likely hematoma

The little lump is likely a hematoma but I will have followup ultrasounds every 3 months. Every little lump is concerning after breast cancer. And after the last lump being cancer when it was 99.9% chance not cancer … Anyway, …. Life is grand! ... Read more

Ultrasound for a lump

I get an ultrasound tomorrow for something that I hope is just a hematoma. After breast cancer every lump and bump can leave one with a bit of paranoia. Soooo…., 6 weeks after my mastectomies I felt this weird lump in my opposite breast and upward toward the pec muscle. I’ve been under the impression ... Read more

Race for the Cure

South central Susan Komen 5K race for the Cure: First place Survivor 1st in age group 4th woman overall ~ (3 women ahead of me) 13 men ahead of me out of 237 total runners (men and women) Time: 21:32:35 #faithhope #breastcancersurvivor #breastcancerawarness #runforthecure 1st (me) and 2nd (@Jill Lodahl ) place survivors won 25,000 ... Read more

Getting better all the time

Oh yes, it has been feeling SO GOOD to run again! I’m breaking into it more and more … Thursday I did just tiny bits of running within my walk, now I’m up to running 4 miles and then walking another 5 or 6. Getting back to a little tabata style work too: a short ... Read more

6 weeks post op: got to RUN!

6 weeks post op (bilateral mastectomy with DTI Direct to Implant) : notes and observations Wow, my walk seemed so quick today… Instead of 2 hours it was 1:45. “WHY?” Because I’m 6 weeks post op (and today marked the day that I was allowed to throw just a little bit of running into my ... Read more

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