Black and white photograph – deer, full moon and light painted headlights – long exposure

"Deer in Headlights"
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The making of this image was full of surprises for me. Intended to be a simple double exposure of the full moon and the hilly road after sunset, it became more.. much more.

As I photographed I noted that my exposures were long enough to include a trail of headlights. With that I set my double exposure in camera, made my exposure of the full moon and then waited for headlights. I could hear a truck and I locked my mirror up.

I pressed my remote shutter as soon as the headlights rounded the corner and at that instant I heard a rustling from the brush. The truck was loud and coming fast but in perfect harmony for my slow shutter timing …

... yet now I saw the deer, who stood at the side of the road, and I feared that she would run out in front of the truck. But she stayed still, as this slow exposure will attest to.

We watched one another as if in slow motion, until the truck neared. She fled back to the woods and I stood there more trusting than she of that truck .... ,

It just goes to show a person how much time is in a 30 second exposure ...


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