Day 13 #1 Project Creative Photography – Moody Moon Double Exposure

'Moody Moon'
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This image was made this morning as I stood on top of my favorite wooden railroad bridge. The waning gibbous moon is becoming more crescent in shape with each successive day and its setting later each morning.

The clouds were thick this day and in the dark they smoldered my scene within this longer exposure. Time painted the cloud's transparency with erratic surrealism. I double exposed the moon (in camera ) to the scene with a faster shutter, preventing the moon from becoming a blurred blob that a long exposure would render.

Workshop in a Book For photographers: For more detailed information about this image:
For details and lesson about the One hue, low tonal contrast of this image please click here. Through mini tutorials I talk about and demonstrate a lesson via my image and then give the photographer a 'challenge' to complete.


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