Day 35 Creative Project 365 – Full Moon Rising

'Late Riser'
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'Late Riser (6:28pm)'
the moon tonight as she rose ..
I had two cameras set up on tripods .. one for my first (and quite novice) attempt at a time lapse video .. the darn thing put it together super fast so I tried to slow it down but its a bit choppy (below).. ..
and the other camera with my 600 mm w/ 1.7 tele converter .. this one .. Predicting the exact placement of the rise isn't easily accurate but I was happy with the silhouette of the trees dancing in the moonlight .. Just a note : this type of huge moon happens because of perspective .. so in order to do what you see here, I am nearly a mile away from the trees, photographing with a very large lens with approximately 2 degrees or less angle of view (for techies out there) ..


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