Grateful for my Scars

I have come to love the scars across my two breasts ...
They have faded a bit in such a short time.
Does it sound odd to not want the scars to fully fade away?...
They remind me of the war I won against breast cancer.
My scars remind me of how fortunate I am... And My scars remind me that worry accomplishes nothing, ...
My scars remind me of Jesus Christ, who endured the scars of my sin. ... His scars remind me to be light on my feet and hold fast to Faith.
My scars have been a constant reminder to make my 'new normal' stronger than ever in soul, body and in mind... And to do it in complete JOY.

... I am grateful for my scars. Without them I may not be here to tell you their story.
How beautiful scars are!

Faith & Hope!
Thrive & Triumph!


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