Getting better all the time

Oh yes, it has been feeling SO GOOD to run again! I’m breaking into it more and more … Thursday I did just tiny bits of running within my walk, now I’m up to running 4 miles and then walking another 5 or 6. Getting back to a little tabata style work too: a short ... Read more

6 weeks post op: got to RUN!

6 weeks post op (bilateral mastectomy with DTI Direct to Implant) : notes and observations Wow, my walk seemed so quick today… Instead of 2 hours it was 1:45. “WHY?” Because I’m 6 weeks post op (and today marked the day that I was allowed to throw just a little bit of running into my ... Read more

5 weeks post op

Week 5 post op: Notes and observations: There isn’t as much to note this week so it means I am recovering well! The lump under my arm (from sentinel node biopsy of 4 nodes) has nearly faded as fast as it came and I have almost full range of motion! I’ve loved and embraced all ... Read more


Some good notes and a few laughs after seeing my plastic surgeon’s NP and my cancer general surgeon today: GOOD NEWS: the Lump That little lump I found Sunday is just a stitch in the alloderm. Alloderm is the cadaver skin used as a ‘sling’ to securely hold my implants snugly in place. It is ... Read more

4 weeks post op: decided against tamoxifen

4 weeks Post Op notes and observations: Almost ready to RUN! : 2 more weeks until I can RUN and do BURPEES with no restrictions! Physical Therapy: I’ve seen a physical therapist twice now to help with getting my full range of motion under my right arm back after mastectomy. The sentinel lymph node biopsy ... Read more

Overwhelming calm

I’ve noticed more recently an overwhelmingly beautiful feeling of peace, … Of childlike innocence. An utterly euphoric joy. FAITH … And “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31 HOPE…. ... Read more

Likely scar tissue

Thankyou everyone for helping to calm me last night with your words and prayers! According to my Fitbit I had the best night of sleep since its wearer’s (my) inception in December! … I credit your calming words and prayers!!! Thankyou friends!❤️❤️😊 I still have the little teeny lump and called the doc. Waiting for ... Read more

Freaked out by little bump

So I understand what it means to be freaked out by anything odd in my breasts after cancer. 3.5 weeks post Double mastectomy and I have a teeny pea sized lump in my non cancer side breast. I just found it tonight. Granted, most of the tissue was taken but I am praying and scared. ... Read more

Results of Bone scan

My bone scan results came in to my Mercy chart this morning and it said: Impression: No scintigraphic evidence of osseous metastatic disease. SO Happy!! and Now I have a ‘bone to pick’ with a certain horse ( I won’t mention names .. MISSY, lol) who gauged my ribs with her head, leaving her permanent ... Read more

Physical therapy

A great day .. was so happy to see a physical therapist today to help me with gaining movement, esp in my right arm, after surgery. She said I had excellent range of motion, especially for just being 3 weeks post op. … I have a little egg like seroma under my right arm that ... Read more

Almost 3 weeks post op

One more day and its 3 weeks post op – just half way to the big day where I can run again and jump rope and do pushups and burpees and go nutso with my workouts and lug camera gear again! Newest thoughts and notes that are interesting to me: ~ still researching my personal ... Read more

Bone Scan

I get to have a bone scan today to confirm that the mass in my 7th rib is due to trauma from a horse bite a few years back. It’s probably in the shape of a horse head! 😂 lol Drinking boatloads of water because I have to have contrast injected and I hate needles ... Read more

2.5 weeks

Notes at 2.5 weeks post op: It is interesting to see the healing process unfold as the days go by post op. I am astounded and thankful at the miracle of life as it relates to our body’s healing! I’ve found a few interesting phenomena that relate. As so much of my swelling and pain ... Read more

After meeting my oncologist

so the outcome of today’s oncology appointment: I absolutely LOVE my oncologist! He addressed many of my questions about taking tomoxifen before I asked them and addressed all of my concerns with the most respect and empathy. I brought in a table that I printed out that showed my likelihood of recurrence over 15 years. ... Read more

Switching out of the surgical bra

Yesterday I got to switch from my surgical bra to one of my own running bras – i felt like celebrating as the surgical bra’s arms seriously seem to be made for Mattel Barbie and no movement. Grateful for so much and namely today: 1. Such a relief to wear my sports bra 2. I ... Read more

Some of my history : may be TMI 😳😜

okay, okay .. this post might be TMI (as your read further down) for some but here goes anyway .. Most women, if not all, with breast cancer face surgery at some point: These were my choices: lumpectomy with radiation, mastectomy with or without reconstruction I chose a bilateral mastectomy with same surgery reconstruction. My ... Read more

12 days post op

12 days post op (double mastectomy with reconstruction): Loving the day! Breezy warm wind and a nice 8.5 mile walk in the country…😊😊 I am not Allowed to run or do Burpees yet but I’ll catch my Fitbit friends! Haha! ... Read more

Pondering triumph

All of my friends here are like the stars shining in God’s beautiful sky. You all are precious to me and I’m so grateful for you! God’s been holding me tight and it appears He has more work for me here before He calls me home some day … Much of that I’ll understand as ... Read more

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