Star Trail panorama and farm field

'Riding the Stars - 20150401

'Riding the Stars - 20150401

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'Riding the Stars' 

The North Star Polaris and west across the sky .. 

from 8:30pm until 2 am ... 

Star trail pano .. 4 x (1 hour star trail captures) - stitched to a panorama .. 

The incredible circular trails of the north star, Polaris, always intrigue me .. but I wanted to capture the incredible curvy highway that the stars in our sky take ... 

This image took an incredible amount of planning .. I attempted to sleep in my hotel on wheels (aka, my car) between each image, but my imagination wouldn't allow it.. 🙂 

the result is always a mystery, even and maybe especially when its planned.

 star trail panorama over field 

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