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Lunar Eclipse tonight!

Clear skies and bitter cold will greet the moon as it eclipses January 20, 2019 in Dodge County, WI. There is a lot of good information about lunar eclipses and how to enjoy them on the earth sky website.https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/how-do-i-watch-the-total-lunar-eclipse About Lunar eclipses and how to Enjoy them Lunar eclipse, April 15, 2014 ... Read more

Eclipse and Clouds – Time lapse Image of the partial eclipse April 4

‘Ecliptic Dance’ – 20150404 This Morning starting at 4:57 AM (before the eclipse & before too many clouds!) exposures of the moon seen clearly and then hazy through clouds as it reaches partial eclipse (5:15). It was obscured by clouds often but still made an appearance to show its descending path from 11ยบ elevation towards ... Read more

Total Lunar Eclipse in the wee hours of Tuesday (CST)

It’s sure showing a cloudy day and an iffy possibility of seeing the lunar eclipse I the early hours of Tuesday morning. Though Tuesday shows partly cloudy skies ~ 1 am, when the eclipse begins, may still be cloudy. I’m hoping it’s at least intermittent clouds, which could actually be beautiful laced with the red ... Read more

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