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The Supermoon superstar 

Holy Hill last night from 3.5 miles away at 600mm. This image was made at 5:30 pm, 72.9º azimuth from where I stood, and 3.1º altitude, just after the moon rose.  My original plan designed the larger than the Holy Hill spires moon (at 3.5 miles away with a 600 mm focal length the moon ... Read more

The Supermoon kisses Trinity Lutheran 

‘Blessed’  the supermoon over Trinity Lutheran Sunday evening. (11/13/2016). Ah, it happened just as I had hoped. I’d wanted to photograph a full moon over my country church on the hill for a long time .. but it never was quite the right sightline. But this evening at 4:31 I saw the big pink ball ... Read more

Wisconsin State Capitol from the Ice at Night

The Wisconsin State Capitol This image was made at 300 mm, ISO 200, f/5.6. I scouted and predetermined my standing position via TPE (the photographers ephemeris) app (weeks before). Scouted in real time and in the daylight on March 4… …. ….and then trekked 1/2 mile out onto frozen Lake Monona at 4:30 am on ... Read more

Day 7 Project Creative Photography 365 – abstract art at the full moon

‘Moon’s Descent’ Collectable Prints available here Special prices on Creative 365 collection prints available for a limited time! Day 7, Project Creative Photography 365 This morning it was -6 actual temperature .. I went for a brief walk to place myself into the perspective you see here .. this way it was as though I ... Read more

Black and white photograph – deer, full moon and light painted headlights – long exposure

“Deer in Headlights” Purchase this black and white fine art image The making of this image was full of surprises for me. Intended to be a simple double exposure of the full moon and the hilly road after sunset, it became more.. much more. As I photographed I noted that my exposures were long enough ... Read more

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