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Night Photography at the Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison – Planning Created with the Photographer’s Ephemeris – Fine Art Prints

Madison Wisconsin, Wisconsin’s State Capitol 20150305 / Project 365 fine art prints Find these prints. Collectable Prints available here ~  Artistry is wonderful in those times when luck puts you in the right place at the right time (and I love those times too .. ), but… its really worthwhile to figure out when that right time ... Read more

Twilight Full Moon Setting Over Wisconsin State Capitol – Creative Photography project 365

‘Angel of the Morning’ 20150305 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here Literally, I was moon struck .. IN complete awe of the moon as it traveled to set .. under to over, on top of and finally to the right of the Capitol.   This particular image is one of three images ... Read more

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