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moon setting at twighlight over frozen Lake Michigan – St Joseph Lighthouse

‘Moonshine’ – 20150308  Moon setting over frozen Lake Michigan at the St. Joseph  Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ~  ‘Moonshine’ 20150308 / Project 365 Early in twilight hours, The moon on her descent over a frozen Lake Michigan at St. Joseph’s Lighthouse, St. Joseph, Michigan. 1 week ago today.  Find this fine art print  ... Read more

Night Photography at the Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison – Planning Created with the Photographer’s Ephemeris – Fine Art Prints

Madison Wisconsin, Wisconsin’s State Capitol 20150305 / Project 365 fine art prints Find these prints. Collectable Prints available here ~  Artistry is wonderful in those times when luck puts you in the right place at the right time (and I love those times too .. ), but… its really worthwhile to figure out when that right time ... Read more

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