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Beautiful snow covered waterfalls and landscapes at Copper Falls State Park after heavy snowstorm on April 12, 2008

The Wondrous Deep snow was a thrill! One of my great joys has always been to be the first to put my footprints in fresh snow. This day took the cake! My trek with snowshoes was slow and fun. The park was a giant snow play field – and the water falls were spectacular and ... Read more

My Deer Encounter At Copper Falls State Park after heavy snowstorm in April 12, 2008

I had been in Cable, since the 9th, to set up my exclusive gallery in the Rookery restaurant, at the Cable Nature Lodge. We had a grand opening the night of the 11th and I was set to drive back to the Southern end of the state (home) on Saturday, the 12th. However, God had ... Read more

The Climbing Tree’s Shadow in the Snow – Creative Photography Project 365

‘the Climbing Tree’ 20150223 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here Timing the Shadows allowed me to create this composition as I visioned it, just after high noon on February 23. It’s an interesting and rather fun exercise to note the direction and the length of shadows (especially in trees) as the sun ... Read more

Golden corn stalks and blue shadows – creative photography project 365

‘Blue Angel’s Gold’ – 20150222 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ‘Blue Angel’s Gold’ 20150222 / Project 365 Yesterday .. I’ve always vowed to come back to this spot when the sun cast its long shadows just as you see ….. the short corn stalks literally light up as if they held all the ... Read more

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