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Milky Way and Star Trails

The milky way Saturday night over a corn field I have been eyeing for the right night …The moon didn’t rise until 3:30 am, making for a stunningly dark and star studded sky. The Milky Way, in turn, contrasted favorably against the night.. I was creating 2 star trail images for a total of 2 ... Read more

Milky Way and Stars at Night – Creative Photography Project 365

‘See How They Shine’ 20150228 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here It’s nice to have my February 365 leave with a bang .. I’d never photographed the milky way and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.  I went to bed at 8 last night with intentions to get out early. A ... Read more

Creative Photography Project 365 – from under a graffiti bridge looking up at the stars

‘the Bliss’ Creative Photography Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here the underside of a railroad bridge .. yes, I am in the middle of the road almost on the ground and looking up through the railroad … and listening very very carefully for cars the whole time, in the dark. My headlamp ... Read more

Day 43 Creative Photography Project 365 – old Graffiti Railroad Bridge and Stars at Night

‘Star Track’ Day 43 / creative photography Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ‘Railroad to Heaven’ Day 43 Creative Photography Project 365 I may post a few more from yesterday evening.. I had some fun ideas that I created from.. This image was made by standing directly underneath a graffiti railroad bridge ... Read more

Day 42 Creative Photography Project 365 – star trails and corn stalks in winter night landscape

‘I Believe’ … when you see the miracles out here in the stars and the Heavens, how could anyone not? Day 42 / creative photography Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here I saw these stalks when I was running today and took note of them. When I knew that the sky was ... Read more

Day 12 Project Creative Photography 365 – Starry Twilight and Farm Landscape

“When you Wish” Collectable Prints available here Special prices on Creative 365 collection prints available for a limited time! I’m still fighting a head cold and vowed to sleep in, but I am a morning person and when I woke up, my creative juices begin to wonder about what is going on outside. ..So, what ... Read more

Black and White Night Photography – Train at night

“Night Shift” – black and white night photography Prints: Fine art Print Sizes and Editions: Sizes: 16 x 24 inches (ed. of 8); 20 x 30 inches (ed. of 8); 30 x 45 inches (ed. of 8); 40 x 60 inches (ed. of 8);   Story: Around midnight in Reeseville, Wisconsin, population just over 700 ... Read more

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