2.5 weeks

Notes at 2.5 weeks post op:

It is interesting to see the healing process unfold as the days go by post op. I am astounded and thankful at the miracle of life as it relates to our body’s healing!

I’ve found a few interesting phenomena that relate. As so much of my swelling and pain has decreased throughout my breasts (YAH!!), there is one spot under my right arm (where the sentinel nodes were taken out for biopsy) that feels like my underarms are chafed raw. They aren’t chafed at all but it feels like I’ve run a marathon with no ‘glide’ on tissue that rubs together too much. A bit of swelling extends from under the arm, to my upper lat and to my upper tricep with an odd numbness. This phenomena is a normal result of mastectomy … Yesterday it was worse, with tingling down my arm, but after I did my walk it was MUCH better and I’ve discovered some physical therapy type exercises for women with mastectomies that have also been incredible at moving that lymphatic fluid!

I just thought it was interesting – as things better overall I notice more the pain in spots that are not as quick to heal. It was there the whole time but more noticeable now. … I’m working on those exercises, determined to have it eliminated .. 🙂

Another note on a an unusual side: When I get chilly my breast implants make me feel even colder! It feels like they are cold packs that come out of the freezer! Very odd sensation! I laughed every time it happened yesterday as I walked.

One more thing: … the other day I was reading my surgery notes from my plastic surgeon. She used alloderm in my reconstruction. When I read more about it and found it is donated skin taken from cadavers I just started to bawl. Not out of sadness but out of gratefulness. People who out of the goodness in their hearts who donate blood (Billy Bud Ittner) and organs do so out of complete non selfishness as they never really get to know who they help .. or who’s lives they save (Julie Tietjens Larsen). I just felt overcome (and do in writing this) with gratefulness and a knowing that most people are intrinsically good. God bless those of you who donate blood and who are organ donors.

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