4th of July Parade – submariners Wauwatosa, WI

A photographer’s angle of view:

It was so Much fun! I photographed in the parade (as a part of the submarine veterans with husband Donny, who is a submarine veteran) and the revolutionary war reenactment group was behind us… They kept stopping to fire muskets which left a huge gap between the submariners (ahead) and the reenactment group (behind).
As usual I got distracted and didn’t keep up with the submariners – nor did I lag behind with the musket men.
I was captivated by the kids and was photographing them on the sidelines.

The gap between the submariners and the musket men expanded further and I was dead center between the two groups…

…it suddenly occurred to me that I WAS IN THE PARADE , an entity of my own. Haha! I was laughing so hard about it.
No one seemed to mind – I must have been entertaining or a commercial break of sorts.

Pardon the sideways video… I was making this while walking IN (though not sideways) the parade.

The crowd loved The submariners. Though they left me in the dust as I lolligaged along, the audience participation was evident. I’d never seen a crowd of people stand to clap and cheer for people in a parade…. But they did for the submarine vets. It sent chills down and up and over my body. It was pretty darn neat .. And well deserved. 

United States Submariners ready to march in the Wauwatosa Fourth of July parade
walking the parade – the Revolutionary War soldiers are behind me . photo © Kelly Smith
me videographing via iphone the audience response to the submariners ©Kelly Smith click the image to see more of Kelly’s images.

…. Upcoming are some of the images that I made of the kiddos watching the parade… You know,…. When I became part of the parade as the gap between the revolutionary war soldiers and the submariners increased…
A word about the candid images of me: Credit Kelly Smith for images. He specializes in his love for race car events – see Kelly’s page on FACEBOOK  if you are interested in hiring an awesome action race car event photographer (he’s also a submarine veteran!). Really awesome guy!

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  1. As you were, I too was left behind. But, closer, I watched the guys hand out high 5’s to kids and shook hands with the older veteran’s on the side lines. The kids noticed the camera, for, I too was the point of interest. It was a blast!

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