5 weeks post op

Week 5 post op: Notes and observations:

There isn’t as much to note this week so it means I am recovering well! The lump under my arm (from sentinel node biopsy of 4 nodes) has nearly faded as fast as it came and I have almost full range of motion!

I’ve loved and embraced all the exercises that my physical therapist has given me for range of motion and for gaining strength back in my pecs … as I long to get back to my burpees, jumping rope, and running … oh, yes, ….

6 DAYS TO GO!!! til I can break into a run from my walk … a little at a time to test it … I’m walking faster now and at 8 miles / day but can’t get my heart rate up from walking … (75 from my resting HR of low 50s) … I feel the need for that cardio! …

Weight lifting limit is 10 pounds so I haven’t hiked with my camera gear .. I have focused more on working images from the past (that I haven’t gotten to in 6 years.. so its all good). I look forward to planning a next car camping trip and to photographing lightning locally in the next storm! .. I have too many doc appointments scheduled each week for the next month so I probably need to wait until mid May to plan anything too far away … and then June 4 I want to run the Madison Breast Cancer race … so …. I’m trying to find a free few to 4 week time span to take off and go!

Cosmetic thoughts and notables:

1. Wondering things like: Will my breasts move when I run? …. I have no breast tissue now and small implants (probably a B’ish’ cup or smaller maybe). I know I am looking forward to running with little or no bounce. Happy to be small breasted again!

2. I bought a really cute little halter tee shirt today and was so excited as it looks so much better on my small frame with small breasts than it would have before. I am very much enthused about my return to small breasts after mastectomy. ..

Other things:

when I get any worry type of thing going on in my head I shut it down … I’ve learned that I don’t know the outcome of anything in this lifetime. Only God knows my future, so its best to do the best I can for my spirit, body and mind here and then leave the outcome to the Lord in prayer. … that has given me an unbelievable peace and ability to sleep through the night like I haven’t slept since I was a kid!

I honestly feel that my 50s will be better than any other time in my life..



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