6 weeks post op: got to RUN!

6 weeks post op

(bilateral mastectomy with DTI Direct to Implant) : notes and observations

Wow, my walk seemed so quick today… Instead of 2 hours it was 1:45.


Because I’m 6 weeks post op (and today marked the day that I was allowed to throw just a little bit of running into my walking!

Woo hoo, let me tell you – it was awesome! I did just little tiny stretches of running throughout (more of a test day) … Almost all walking but the running showed me a few things:

*No pain at all in my pecs, implant area, etc.

*So now I’m really rarin’ to go!

*My breasts don’t really move when I run (no tissue left, just small implants) – I really enjoyed that!

* so…. I just had to experiment with my jumping rope too and did only 2 x 1.5 minutes of hopping.

Soon I’ll be back into the full swing of all aspects of my workouts: running, jumping rope and body weight workouts (especially Burpees )!



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