8 days post op

8 days post op update:

Today, at 11, I get to say good bye to my third and final drainage tube!

I will also find out my final pathology report (1pm) which will stage my cancer and state for sure my cancer free status. Thankyou for your continued prayers!!🙏😊

Sometime soon I’ll meet my oncologist. My earlier biopsy pathology stated I am HER2 negative and ER+ / PR+ (meaning my cancer feeds on estrogen and progesterone). I will likely take a hormone suppressor called tamoxifen for 5 years (to ensure starving any rogue breast cancer cell that may have survived battle with surgery). Side effects are akin to menopause, which I haven’t experienced yet: hot flashes and the one I don’t like is decreased bone density (osteoporosis). So now is when I’m looking for options to counter that risk. (Open to holistic and traditional for bone density). I suppose the fact that I work out hard is one of my strongest forces against osteoporosis but I want to be sure I have a strong ‘army’ in my body!

I’ve been feeling ‘zingers’ as my nerves ‘wake up’ in areas surrounding my breasts. No feeling in my breasts which is expected after mastectomy. I’ve allowed pain to be my friend, thus I’ve gone really light on pain meds because I’ll overdo everything if I mask my pain.

Long slow walks have been beautiful and meditative and full of prayer, aiding to my recovery process!


After appointments:

‘Walking on Sunshine’ is the song that played on my husband’s car radio as we walked out from the good news from my cancer surgeon. I’d say that’s an appropriate song to have in my head the rest of the day: my final pathology report was totally free of cancer everywhere 💪- my surgeon got all the cancer on that initial biopsy!

I hugged her twice and didn’t want to let her go!

I can’t wait to hug my plastic surgeon too who has done beautiful work putting me back together after being taken apart. She listened to me before hand when I said about the implants, “err on the small side. I’d rather be an A cup than a C cup.” The reconstruction is going to be perfect for my small frame and lifestyle. I’m pretty bruised up now but I’m glad I made the decision I made. It was the right choice for peace of mind and quality of life for me!

Thank you to all of you for being the wind beneath my wings! God held me tight and you all carried me through! 😇

Oh – and yes, I got that last tube taken out – it was a big one and felt like a giant earthworm burrowing !! Ick!! 😬


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