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Methods behind this 85mm PCE image

Nikon d810 Nikkor 85 mm tilt + shift PCE lens stitched images shifted at 30º increments To see or purchase the image The Method and Reasoning: With a full frame camera and an 85 mm focal length, Standing where I did would present a few problems: 1. I had to angle my camera upward to ... Read more

How to change the Perspective of the moon relative to a subject with a long focal length

How to change the Perspective of the moon relative to a subject with a long focal length: .. getting closer to or further from the subject will dramatically change the perspective of the moon to a given subject. The moon is always going to be rendered at approximately .55º in any lens’ angle of view. A ... Read more

The Supermoon superstar 

Holy Hill last night from 3.5 miles away at 600mm. This image was made at 5:30 pm, 72.9º azimuth from where I stood, and 3.1º altitude, just after the moon rose.  My original plan designed the larger than the Holy Hill spires moon (at 3.5 miles away with a 600 mm focal length the moon ... Read more

The Supermoon kisses Trinity Lutheran 

‘Blessed’  the supermoon over Trinity Lutheran Sunday evening. (11/13/2016). Ah, it happened just as I had hoped. I’d wanted to photograph a full moon over my country church on the hill for a long time .. but it never was quite the right sightline. But this evening at 4:31 I saw the big pink ball ... Read more

the Omnipotent – Time Lapse Still of Lightning at Dusk

I’ve photographed the dramatic effects of lightning at night, however my preference is the look (and the more challenging) of lightning at dusk. This image is a time-lapse still (layered in Lighten Mode via Photoshop): The mix of colors, clouds, lightning, … and even star trails in this image are achieved in a total of ... Read more

Presets Review: sleeklens workflow for Lightroom and Photoshop

Every image tells a story; a story of its own. Like the author of many novels, no two stories contain the same content. How preposterous that would be! I see photography in that same vein. I am the author of my images and I elect to tell the story of my choosing within the context ... Read more

Milky Way and Star Trails

The milky way Saturday night over a corn field I have been eyeing for the right night …The moon didn’t rise until 3:30 am, making for a stunningly dark and star studded sky. The Milky Way, in turn, contrasted favorably against the night.. I was creating 2 star trail images for a total of 2 ... Read more

Crescent Moon Sequence over Allen Bradley Clock

I was nervous, anticipating the spot where I hoped to execute this piece. TPE shows great detail as to natural land obstacles that might get in the line of sight of a plan such as mine, but city blunders such as buildings or trees could easily foil my plan if they stand close to me ... Read more

Star Trails at abandoned Church

on the way to Montana I stopped specifically in South Dakota for this image .. I hoped for a clear night for star trails and God delivered. He also delivered beautiful moonlight which softly bathed the old abandoned church in gentle light. .. I began my 3.5 hours of star trails with the end of ... Read more

Eclipse and Clouds – Time lapse Image of the partial eclipse April 4

‘Ecliptic Dance’ – 20150404 This Morning starting at 4:57 AM (before the eclipse & before too many clouds!) exposures of the moon seen clearly and then hazy through clouds as it reaches partial eclipse (5:15). It was obscured by clouds often but still made an appearance to show its descending path from 11º elevation towards ... Read more

Fine art photographers cost of doing business – defining your costs

Pricing artwork is a daunting task to many new (and even experienced) artists. Don’t price your work with your emotions is a clear piece of advice. Once we make it past that hurdle its easy to implement a logical “left brained” mathematical formula to work with pricing. .. But before we even begin to take ... Read more

Making sharper pictures starts in the field – proper field techniques for sharper pictures

I got a question on Facebook today asking me a great question so I thought I’d share it here: Kristen, I’d like to know how you are getting such incredible detail in your shots please? Is that Photoshopped or is that your camera/lense? I mean it is an interesting effect…or do you just have an ... Read more

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