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Blending with Hollyhocks

Having a little fun experimenting with textures again … I drove by this roadside full of hollyhocks and my dress ironically matched the field … so it was fitting to stop. The texture overlay helped me portray what this image feels like to me. … I haven’t seen hollyhocks in ages. .. In fact, I ... Read more

Spring sunsets over rural Wisconsin

Fine Prints available here ~   ‘Backroad Sunset’  20150418 / 365 This backroad scene reminds me of scenes in the South West that have mesmerized me. I love curvy dirt roads …. love them… rural Wisconsin continues to surprise me with its beauty.    And then,  ‘Spoken’ is the name given to this amazing sunset. 20150414 ... Read more

Sunset Lightning over Rural Wisconsin farmland – Just one bolt please

‘the Answer’ print.  Fine Prints available here ~  ‘The Answer’ 20150409 / 365  Lightning strikes across the sky at sunset. 2 Samuel 22:13 Out of the brightness of his presence bolts of lightning blazed forth.   I’d been chasing between two storm cells at the latter part of the day; cells from both the southwest and southeast of me. ... Read more

Eclipse and Clouds – Time lapse Image of the partial eclipse April 4

‘Ecliptic Dance’ – 20150404 This Morning starting at 4:57 AM (before the eclipse & before too many clouds!) exposures of the moon seen clearly and then hazy through clouds as it reaches partial eclipse (5:15). It was obscured by clouds often but still made an appearance to show its descending path from 11º elevation towards ... Read more

Star Trail panorama and farm field

‘Riding the Stars – 20150401 ‘Riding the Stars’  – 20150401 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ~  ‘Riding the Stars’  The North Star Polaris and west across the sky ..  from 8:30pm until 2 am …  Star trail pano .. 4 x (1 hour star trail captures) – stitched to a panorama ..  The incredible circular trails ... Read more

Sunset through a barn window – lovely rural scene

‘Three Lights’  – 20150330 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ~  20150330 / 365 Just a few hours ago the light once again broke into an incredible display after an overcast day. Holy smokes, it was amazing! I found a new ridge line and as the sun echoed over the ridge, its light bounced joyously through the ... Read more

Wonderful clouds at sunset – rural nostalgia

‘Angels in the Clouds’ – 20150329 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ~  20150329 / 365 Did you see the clouds last night?  Yesterday’s forecast was cold and windy. Sleet blanketed the roads in the morning hours and the damp chill seemed to pierce right through to the bone.  … the clouds broke up into those ... Read more

Aurora Borealis on St Paddy’s Day – Northern Lights and Star Trails

‘Serendipity’ and ‘St Paddy’s Glee’ 20150317 / Creative 365 Find these prints. Collectable Prints available here ~  Northern Lights with Polaris Star Trails on St. Patricks Day This could have just as easily have been called, “Kristen’s Glee” as part of it came as a complete and wonderful surprise to me. I’d thought about photographing the Northerly ... Read more

moon setting at twighlight over frozen Lake Michigan – St Joseph Lighthouse

‘Moonshine’ – 20150308  Moon setting over frozen Lake Michigan at the St. Joseph  Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ~  ‘Moonshine’ 20150308 / Project 365 Early in twilight hours, The moon on her descent over a frozen Lake Michigan at St. Joseph’s Lighthouse, St. Joseph, Michigan. 1 week ago today.  Find this fine art print  ... Read more

Night Photography at the Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison – Planning Created with the Photographer’s Ephemeris – Fine Art Prints

Madison Wisconsin, Wisconsin’s State Capitol 20150305 / Project 365 fine art prints Find these prints. Collectable Prints available here ~  Artistry is wonderful in those times when luck puts you in the right place at the right time (and I love those times too .. ), but… its really worthwhile to figure out when that right time ... Read more

Twilight Full Moon Setting Over Wisconsin State Capitol – Creative Photography project 365

‘Angel of the Morning’ 20150305 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here Literally, I was moon struck .. IN complete awe of the moon as it traveled to set .. under to over, on top of and finally to the right of the Capitol.   This particular image is one of three images ... Read more

Wisconsin State Capitol at Night – creative Photography Project 365

night lights Wisconsin capitol

‘splendor’ 20150305 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ‘Splendor’ 20150305 / Project 365 Wisconsin State Capitol before daybreak this morning. Wednesday, March 5 (before it got warm): Awake and out on the ice at 4:30, I hiked about 1/2 – 3/4 mile out on the ice in the dark (headlamp and full ... Read more

Blazing Twilight Colors (after the sun set) Rural Setting – Creative Photography Project 365

‘Gilded Chill’ 20150301 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here this one from the Twilight Hour, after the sun set. This scene reminded me of being called in for supper. Far away there lies the promise of warmth and a full stomach. Yet I’m ever filled with the desire to stay a spell ... Read more

Waxing Gibbous Moon Against Dark Sky – Creative Photography Project 365

‘Growing Gibbous’ 20150301 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here Though I’ve photographed the moon a zillion ( I exaggerate!) times, I wanted to pay particular attention to the details tonight. I’ve been planning an upcoming full moon location and tonight was a prelim to a hopeful Grand Finale later in the week. ... Read more

Milky Way and Stars at Night – Creative Photography Project 365

‘See How They Shine’ 20150228 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here It’s nice to have my February 365 leave with a bang .. I’d never photographed the milky way and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.  I went to bed at 8 last night with intentions to get out early. A ... Read more

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