A drive through the backroads for Fall Color in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

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There is a theme that subtlety ties my images over the decades and the seasons, the twilight of the morning into the star studded nights. Though it may not be an obvious theme, it’s inherent to the adventure, the passion, the thought, and the excitement behind each image. 

The theme that ties my work together is and are the roads that carry me to the place that lies before my eyes, and subsequently yours. 

As I’ve recently been culling, pondering and pouring over my past travel art, the theme is apparent. Dusty backroads often play center stage, whence in my beginning days I strived to keep anything manmade off-stage. 

Now to boldly embrace the road (or hike for that matter) as a part of the scene plays harmoniously with the mood I feel as I stand, kneel, lie, or sit in front of what you now see. You, my viewer, can only articulate the surroundings before you via the tools I give you.

 I strive to put you here with me, .. to feel the stillness, the beauty, the deafening silence, the crashing wing beat and croaking of the raven as he flings from his forest perch. 

This dusty road leaves the trace of someone having been here before me… maybe a few hours or maybe a day or two. The rainy fall leaves its remnants in a reflectent pool. The beauty draws me to it for imagery while my sensible side hopes its shallow enough to clear (without getting stuck).

That thought gets pushed to the back of my mind as my curiosity and intent overwhelm my sensible side. That curious side is why and how I create in lonelier places; the places off the beaten path where the cell phone finds no tower. … 

Backroads, especially dirt backroads, are like yarn to a kitten to me. … they take me to magical places, surrounded by some of the most astounding and happily non-iconic scenery. I couldn’t often tell you, if I wanted to, how to get there… the road to no where is sure to land you there, just as it does me.

fall color
amazing fall color hidden within the deep backroads of Michigan’s UP

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