AAdvantage miles = DISAAdvantage

Orbitz has an American Airlines round trip flight to San Jose for two people. $850.40 including taxes and fees. Easy Peasy orbitz app makes looking up and booking flights a breeze.

I have 25,000 AAdvantage miles that I won in my last race. I thought I’d put them to good use. My first impression was that 25,000 miles would get me a round trip ticket within the continental US. – that’s how it is advertised- . I’m lucky to have it cover a one way to CA. … Actually, umm…it doesn’t even cover one one-way ticket on the dates we need to go🙁.

Though I certainly appreciate a gift, how does one appreciate a gift that ends up costing? I am slow to anger usually, but this disadvantageous ‘gift’ deserves a rant.

Alright…, so I decided to compare ticket costs on American through my easy app Orbitz and the American Airlines website, through the AAdvantage miles portal.
What took seconds on Orbitz to acquire took much longer on the AA ‘prehistoric’ website. It’s absolutely not user friendly for the iPhone and it’s cumbersome even on a desktop.

The comparison: I have the 25,000 gift applied and I still need 95,000 miles to cover the cost of two tickets round trip to San Jose and back.

Now my curiosity is peaked. How much does it cost to buy 95K miles?
COUGH!! I nearly choked!
For just $2017.80 I can buy 76,000 miles with 27,500 free bonus miles. That gives me my needed 95,000 miles with a bit of change (watch how you use that change… It goes fast!). And somehow I save $224.20.

Well, besides not having the flights I want or need, someone isn’t understanding the math here.
I’m scratching my head, understandably annoyed.
Here we go. So my two tickets cost me $2017.80 after I’ve cashed in my 25,000 AAdvantage miles.

My Orbitz tickets cost me $850.40 straight up. This includes taxes and fees and the tickets are for the times I want to go.

The caveat to the AAdvantage miles is that this trip ends up costing almost 2.5 times more than it is sold for on a third party site! At least that’s my experience as outlined here. The math clearly points to the conclusion that there is a major DISAAdvantage to what is marketed as an Advantage. …

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