After meeting my oncologist

so the outcome of today’s oncology appointment:

I absolutely LOVE my oncologist! He addressed many of my questions about taking tomoxifen before I asked them and addressed all of my concerns with the most respect and empathy.

I brought in a table that I printed out that showed my likelihood of recurrence over 15 years. He helped me to convert it to 5 years. In 5 years, My recurrence probability is 8% with the drug tamoxifen and 15% without. So either way, its pretty low. I was pretty ready to just go with the 15% but he said I can also try the tomoxifen for a month and then 3, if possible, to see how I tolerate it. If I don’t like it, he said it won’t hurt to stop it. He understood my quality of life importance. I could at least say, “at least I gave it a try.”

I asked him the question, “if it were your daughter, would you encourage her to try it.” He honestly said he would. I liked that guy. He was honest, empathetic, obviously intelligent beyond words, but humble as could be. He even showed me a picture of his 4 month old baby girl!

He also understood that if I do try it out I want to do so when I can run again and do my workouts .. so that I have ammunition against fatigue, hot flashes and other side effects that might be immediate. He suggested meeting again in 2 months. He’d do my regular 3 month check up and I could tell him what I wanted to do or not do regarding tomoxifen. … I am grateful for this incredible oncologist. Mercy Med in Janesville has the most amazing doctors, nurses and staff that I’ve ever met. So happy I ended up there!

So, I see him every 3 months for the first year and then every 6 months for 5 years and then after 5 years they consider me cured and out of remission .. I think that is how it went. he said, though mine is less likely to come back than some others, its also harder to detect in scans because of how small it is and how non aggressive it is. So they monitor a lot by changes that I report.

Here’s the table in case anyone wants to use it!

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