Almost 3 weeks post op

One more day and its 3 weeks post op – just half way to the big day where I can run again and jump rope and do pushups and burpees and go nutso with my workouts and lug camera gear again!

Newest thoughts and notes that are interesting to me:

~ still researching my personal benefits vs risks of tomoxifen. I am in the lowest risk for recurrence group so I’m trying to find the details and statistics on the case studies out there (drug vs placebo groups). I want to make a final decision based on an educated analysis of statistics. I want to know if there is a high standard deviation in the studies because that could change risk of recurrence in the lowest risk group (5mm tumor, no tumor at all in mastectomy (all removed in biopsy), no nodes, grade 1). .. in other words, the risk may be lower than the mean

.. there are other variables as well that I want to investigate. … I am eternally grateful to the medical field for this drug as I do know it saves lives! .. I also know that in some cases risk may equal benefit or even exceed it .. that is what I am investigating. I’m a bit obsessed but I know I will be relaxed with the decision when I’ve stayed open minded and left no stone unturned.

~ I’ve noticed that as swelling goes down the pain in some places has increased! .. its getting better now but seems the swelling padded and protected everything .. now its a few swelled spots and pins and needles on numb skin that is really annoying but interesting ..

~ After seeing my Plastic Surgeon for a post op yesterday I will likely be needing some fat grafting to fill in some areas where the implants show some crinkling in my skin. Its pretty normal after mastectomy .. but the problem is I am too lean to spare fat. So where being fit has helped me to heal, being lean is not a help when it comes to hosting a site for fat grafting .. will revisit it in about a month with surgeon but may be on a dairy queen blizzard gain weight diet for awhile! LOL ..

~ so windy today, but I walked and when going into it I was literally stopped in my tracks a number of times! It was enjoyable … 🙂




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