Author: Kristen Westlake

Bio: Kristen Westlake grew up in rural Wisconsin. A highly energized youngster, she delighted in adventure, running, roaming, and stopping to watch wild animals for hours. Her childhood passions transcended into her adult life. Combining Kristen the athlete, nature photographer, adventurer, outdoorswoman, and entrepreneur, she inspires others to live their dreams simply by living her own. Mission Statement: Absorbed in photographic surroundings for hours, I don’t take pictures I make them. Taking implies the hurried feeling of rushing in and gathering up something that is not mine. Making is co-creating with my surroundings, spending the time to get to know the land and Her creatures, and experiencing first hand the dance of life, by dancing with it. My photographs are simply the result of my experiences and surroundings. Photographing nature is an adventure that requires both physical and mental stamina and results in spiritual growth. My intention is to communicate the voice of nature through my photography. The simplicity that allows one to hear his or her inner voice happens in nature, away from the chaos of everyday pressures, labels, expectations, and deadlines. The greatest gift that I can give to others, through my photography, is that same gift that nature has given to me; inspiration, wisdom, experience, the ability to hear nature’s voice as well as my own inner voice. I realized that in order to follow my dreams I had to stop just dreaming them and start living them. Someday never comes, the time is now. Keep dreaming and then do the dream to make it real. The road will reveal itself along your journey. I want to arrive at the destination w