Beautiful snow covered waterfalls and landscapes at Copper Falls State Park after heavy snowstorm on April 12, 2008

The Wondrous Deep snow was a thrill! One of my great joys has always been to be the first to put my footprints in fresh snow. This day took the cake! My trek with snowshoes was slow and fun. The park was a giant snow play field – and the water falls were spectacular and ... Read more

My Deer Encounter At Copper Falls State Park after heavy snowstorm in April 12, 2008

I had been in Cable, since the 9th, to set up my exclusive gallery in the Rookery restaurant, at the Cable Nature Lodge. We had a grand opening the night of the 11th and I was set to drive back to the Southern end of the state (home) on Saturday, the 12th. However, God had ... Read more

9 Year Canyon Survival Anniversary… more importantly my 9 year FAITH anniversary!

– 9 year Canyon survival anniversary – Yesterday marks 9 years since I got lost in the Oak Creek Canyon. As it got too dark to keep trying to find my way out, I made the choice to stay put for the night. 9 years ago yesterday, I was dressed for a day hike with ... Read more

Lunar Eclipse tonight!

Clear skies and bitter cold will greet the moon as it eclipses January 20, 2019 in Dodge County, WI. There is a lot of good information about lunar eclipses and how to enjoy them on the earth sky website. About Lunar eclipses and how to Enjoy them Lunar eclipse, April 15, 2014 ... Read more

Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4D ED-IF II Lens

Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4D ED-IF II Lens for sale $5500 Included: HK-29 lens hood (shown) Rear lens cap Original CT- 606 hard case (excellent condition) Tripod collar Original plate Attached Wimberley Quick release plate Soft protective Lens cap by lens coat Not included: original strap. In excellent working condition. The lens was evaluated by Mike ... Read more

Memorial Day : Remembering why we are free and honoring those who fought and died for our freedom

Memorial Day : Remembering why we are free. This day is for coming together to honor those who fought and died for our freedom. It is certainly a free day; though not in the sense that many make it. Today isn’t about discounts at your favorite store. It’s not about a day off from work. ... Read more

Solar Eclipse images and Experience 2017 – DuQuion, IL

See all Solar Eclipse images (prints available!) I had this event on my calendar since 2012 or so. The time was dwindling down from years to months, to weeks, to days. I was focused on the weather constantly in the day’s heading into the event. The plan was to head southwest to Nebraska, but as ... Read more

The Art of Photography; the duality of Patience and Spontaneity

“The art of photography involves both patience and spontaneity; the imagination of a somewhat mundane scene as extraordinary (given the right conditions) and the desire to dance when the music plays.” Kristen Westlake ‘Once Was’ I’ve eyed this scene up for the past few months and was waiting for just the right cloud pattern to ... Read more

Methods behind this 85mm PCE image

Nikon d810 Nikkor 85 mm tilt + shift PCE lens stitched images shifted at 30º increments To see or purchase the image The Method and Reasoning: With a full frame camera and an 85 mm focal length, Standing where I did would present a few problems: 1. I had to angle my camera upward to ... Read more

How to change the Perspective of the moon relative to a subject with a long focal length

How to change the Perspective of the moon relative to a subject with a long focal length: .. getting closer to or further from the subject will dramatically change the perspective of the moon to a given subject. The moon is always going to be rendered at approximately .55º in any lens’ angle of view. A ... Read more

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