Beginning and Growing as a Collector of Fine Art

Just as an artist has a starting line on her creative time line, likewise does her collector. Whilst artists display their humble beginnings within their bio page, we don’t generally see this sort of  ‘newbie’ admittance from a collector.

Yet, there is a ‘fresh behind the ears’ beginning inside each person that lives within a museum of their choosing. The collector’s entourage of artwork did not always speak with the confidence of a doctoral dissertation. Similar to the artist, the buyer originates from a plethora of geographical locations, financial backgrounds, and knowledge of fine art.

Despite the many flavors of art that collectors afford to their abodes, and in spite of their backgrounds, there is one simple thread common to all collectors. Just as an artist enthuses passion for her work, the collector loves the work he acquires. A cherished piece knows no price, size, or medium. A collector is unlikely to think of her prided piece in the way she matches a scarf with a dress. Art is for art sake. Buying art to match a couch has about as much to do with art collecting as a black tie event has to do with hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.

In other words, you’ve got to love the art.

De-clutter your mind from any perceptions of right or wrong. Taste is individual. Dissolve the intimidating thoughts that keep you from starting. There is no better place to start than from where you are.

The discovery of one’s pallet for art is easily unveiled with the help of online galleries. Lightyears ahead of earlier days, nearly all brick and mortar galleries are a mouse click away. Online galleries give way to private viewing rooms, leaving viewers to appreciate and discover what they love at will. Online galleries are a luscious way to get lost for a day. Travel the steady stream of web highways loaded with art you’ll find delicious to your senses.

While discovering the art you love is easily approached on the web, art is also readily available for purchase online. While I contest that one should collect the art they love first and foremost, there are some other guidelines that may prove useful to the new and established collector alike.

I highly recommend a wonderful article appropriately titled How to Start a Fine Art Collection, which addresses many of the questions (with answers) that often plague the new art collector. This article expounds on some of the ideas outlined in this post and delivers fresh insight that I am certain will be of value.

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