Black and White Night Photography – Train at night

“Night Shift” – black and white night photography

Prints: Fine art Print Sizes and Editions: Sizes: 16 x 24 inches (ed. of 8); 20 x 30 inches (ed. of 8); 30 x 45 inches (ed. of 8); 40 x 60 inches (ed. of 8);



Around midnight in Reeseville, Wisconsin, population just over 700 people. I experimented earlier here with long exposures in broad daylight using an infrared filter, but the night was more intriguing. Just after I set up to make an extended exposure ON the tracks I heard a train, faint in the distance. I quickly moved off the tracks and composed with the help of my flashlight and the ambient light, readying myself for the train’s ‘light paint’ and smoldery headlight …

The sound of the train echoed in the distance and seemed to take forever before its headlight appeared. Suddenly the train rounded the bend ahead and there it was. I felt a bit tentative, as I was still quite close to the edge of the track .. or at least closer than I thought I might like to be. I had contemplated a ‘safer’ perch further back but the angle and point of view weren’t right there. It was too late to turn back now as the thrill hit me with the wind. The wind wild from the train was something that whenever I look into this image I will never forget. I will remember that wind, that train, that experience at night fondly.



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