Blazing Twilight Colors (after the sun set) Rural Setting – Creative Photography Project 365

‘Gilded Chill’

20150301 / Project 365

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this one from the Twilight Hour, after the sun set.

This scene reminded me of being called in for supper. Far away there lies the promise of warmth and a full stomach. Yet I’m ever filled with the desire to stay a spell longer to dance in the delight of discoveries. 

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Technique Talk ( Please skip if you aren’t interested): 

Someone on Facebook asked me: “This is outstanding! Did you use an nd grad? I love the corn stubble in the foreground.”

My answer and more: I did not need to utilize an ND filter for this. 

In case anyone wonders why, here is the low down as to how I achieved this image: 

The sun set at 5:47. This image was made at 6:19, which was just after civil twilight and into nautical twilight. I love that time of the day for this reason: the sun is often displaying beautiful ‘afterglow’ refracted color. Exposures during this time are more similar for sky and foreground. 

I used a low point of view (POV), to involve an intimate view of the corn stalks, flattening the longer overlook type view I’d have gotten had I been standing. This POV also pressed my foreground up towards the sky, giving me more of the sky in my chosen 122mm’s angle of view. The color was fading by this time and sinking low in the sky, but my larger focal length and low angle gave me still that ‘big color sky’ that I desired for this particular expression. 

I’m not always as ‘excited’ about cloudless sunsets, as they’ve always seemed so far away (without clouds to diffuse the color and make them bounce in the sky). However, a longer focal length will gain you the perspective that seemingly ‘gets you closer’ to that sunset .. like here 🙂

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