Bone Scan

I get to have a bone scan today to confirm that the mass in my 7th rib is due to trauma from a horse bite a few years back.

It’s probably in the shape of a horse head! 😂 lol

Drinking boatloads of water because I have to have contrast injected and I hate needles and I get nervous about techs that can’t get the IV in. My MRI took 3 attempts (great veins but they roll) and I do not wish to go through that again!

I will be sure to ask ahead of time for the most experienced IV ‘pusher inner’ !!!



3 painful attempts to get injection of contrast into my vein… and 3rd time was finally a charm. The tech and I both said a prayer and then I visualized needle getting in ( not in detail ) and staying in (veins are great but roll).

So it was a shot and not an IV.

She used lidocaine and had me laying down. It’s not the needle that makes me nauseated and faint but the dull pain of attempts that didn’t work.

It’s done, thank God!!! Now getting lunch and have to be back for the bone scan in a few hours.


18 days post op: the Good news!

Holey Moley! I might have had a tough time with the needles today, BUT the pain under my right arm and tingly numbness in surrounding areas from my sentinel node biopsy is 100% better! .. The key: HYDRATE, MOVEMENT easy exercises to trigger release of fluid and swelling, Breathing, HYDRATE and MOVE that body!

I am so grateful for the improvement …!!

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