Cable exhibition : meeting Colleen long time survivor

I’d met Colleen McIntyre a few times when I’ve been in Cable.

We meet again tonight at my artist reception at the Firefly.

She and her husband Pete own several of my Limited Edition Wildlife Images.

I spoke at the Pageant of the Purse event (Cable) several years ago about surviving a 19° night, lost and alone, in a canyon. A year or two later Colleen spoke about surviving breast cancer.

.. And when we were reintroduced that survivor sisterhood becomes evident. The bond is instantaneous.

It’s so great for us newbie survivors to see the vitality and spunk of cancer’s long time survivors; those individuals who have kicked cancer and moved on, …

Colleen lives every moment more richly after her experience with cancer; one bout in ’75 which resulted in a radical mastectomy of the affected breast (that was the common practice then, taking the entire pectoral muscle along with the normal breast tissue removal). The next bout, 2 years later, resulted in a mastectomy (like mine where they just take the breast tissue and not the muscle).

She’s cancer free since and, she’s here now with 6 children, lots of grandchildren, and a handful of great grandkids! What a survivor story!!

**As I write this EYE OF THE TIGER is playing! My coach at Iowa State used to remind me of that song before cross country meets – meaning BEAT them and WIN!**

So anyway, what a pleasure to meet this beautiful woman who inspires through her speaking but mostly through the way she lives her life and through her Faith and Hope in Jesus Christ.🙏





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