Crossing time zones – Pacific to Eastern time photographing landscapes

I barely had time to set my bags down and wash my underwear in a real washing machine (versus gas station bathrooms, haha) .. and it was time to do a mad dash up to Hayward, Wisconsin for a commissioned landscape assignment on private property.

I got back from a 3.5 week journey West on September 12, where the highlight was seeing my sister (and her family of dog, cats, and chickens) in Seattle for 5 of those days!
After that trip, the plan was to hit peak color in Hayward, which looked like it would be the first week in October. However, had I waited until October 5, when I was scheduled to go, I’d have missed all the color! Hayward was one of those areas that hit peak and past peak first. Luckily I was keeping tabs on the color forecast and opted to go North the week before! .. Even at that time much of the color in that area was past peak!

I had one gorgeous day there and then the weather turned to a pretty gray sky and consistent rain. I had an extra 3 days in which to photograph, so I moved to the east and took advantage of the rich color that both the rain and overcast produced within forested landscapes and the waterfalls of Bond Falls.

And though I’m still culling my West images .. (and now my UP images as well). I chose a few to process and share, … one is an iconic image from Pictured Rocks National Shoreline and one, a location that I say is somewhere in the U.P. The trick with iconic places, as a photographer, is to enjoy them as everyone else does but to see them as others don’t.



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