Day 12 Project Creative Photography 365 – Starry Twilight and Farm Landscape

“When you Wish”
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I’m still fighting a head cold and vowed to sleep in, but I am a morning person and when I woke up, my creative juices begin to wonder about what is going on outside. ..So, what is a person to do? Venture out to see!
this morning at 5:59am .. just 16 minutes until astron’ twilight enters nautical twilight. My 20 second exposure was enough to keep the stars sharp (longer will begin to render star trails, which I adore in longggg exposures) and it was also long enough to show the light that the twilight gives (while not visible to the naked eye).

I also enjoyed how the star points showed up as if through the clouds .. what I realized is that because the clouds were moving, the clouds simply were as a transparent veil ..


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