Day 13 Project Creative Photography 365 – the old Wooden Railroad Bridge

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Day 13 – at the old Wooden railroad bridge
Early …

This Morning:
The wooden bridge in my rural town held me standing, looking over the rail to the tracks below. Darkness filled the sky. I was waiting for an image I had in my head of a train in the night .. smoldery … But no train came. That image would sit again within me, waiting for another time.
When the light cracked its way through the overcast to welcome the morning, the bridge’s rivets and crevices announced their strength to me. The bridge has been here for longer than I’ve been around and today I had played upon it, .. I’ve run over it, climbed on it and been an overseer of sorts to it for the years of my life since age 8. .. It seemed appropriate to show its timeline, of sorts, through a wide angle lens. .. and mostly, it seemed important to show its intrepidness .. for it is that to me.

Homage to the Bridge:
There are few of these gems left nowadays. The old wooden railroad bridges host a vast amount of knowledge from their days of being traveled. They also host an endless supply of memoirs from the childhood days of even our parent’s Grandparents.
When I posted this picture on Facebook a local ‘boy’ (now Grandfather) engaged me in conversation, telling me that he used to do handstands on the bridge railings as trains went by … he admitted that was hardly a smart thing to do. But he survived his boyhood stunts, just like I survived riding in the back of my Dad’s pickup truck. Thankfully I have those memories; the wind flying through my hair as my brother and I sat atop hay bales with friends, singing and laughing…

Yep, this bridge reminds me of times past and times today too. The bridge’s timeline is long and full of nostalgia. I chose a wide angle lens and and portrait format to translate how this bridge makes me feel.

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