Day 32 Project Creative Photography 365 – Night and snow Photography on Lowell Bridge

‘Shadow Dancin’ ‘
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‘Shadow Dancin”
5:30 am .. happy to be in the snow!
Day 33 / Creative Project 365
Me, as my own model ..

What a great way to start February .. a major blizzard (yeah!!!) AND the Superbowl, which kept most people OFF the roads so that I could have them to myself in this blizzard (photography)! .. Actually, this image was made at around 5:30 this morning. I had the idea in my head for a few years but was never in the area when the time was right .. and when I was in the area, the time was never right .. now it mixed.. I live in this awesome rural area AND the snow came ..

As for the roads for myself, its true. I was out adventuring most of the day, .. and only a few cars to speak of .. though maybe it was because of the extreme white out and drifting .. I was looking at things from a photographic stand point so I was driving slow ….


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