Day 34 Creative Photography Project 365 – Full Moon Setting

‘Falling Asleep’
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‘Falling Asleep’
~ the moon setting this morning
Day 34 / Creative Photography Project 365

I had set up my plan to photograph the setting moon against the church’s cross, which is lit at night. I knew exactly where I needed to be in order to get the azimuth of the moon and the angle of its set in alignment with the cross. … I was there but the cross wasn’t lit! It is always lit (except today)! .. Murphy’s law I guess, ha! I have to laugh at these little things that go awry as they give me better stories to tell .. as I always say, if something were easy, everyone would be doing it .. so its kind of nice to have the blunders; whether they be my own miscalculations or in this case, maybe the pastor who forgot to turn on the light! ..

Luckily, I drove along and saw a grove of trees with a few scattered clouds overhead that I thought would play nicely with my big lens …

Outdoor photography is full of challenge; and I LOVE that!


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