Day 42 Creative Photography Project 365 – star trails and corn stalks in winter night landscape

‘I Believe’
… when you see the miracles out here in the stars and the Heavens, how could anyone not?
Day 42 / creative photography Project 365
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I saw these stalks when I was running today and took note of them. When I knew that the sky was going to be clear and knowing that the moon wouldn’t come up until midnight or later, it was a perfect night for star trails .. I just needed a foreground subject and that’s when I remembered the corn stalks from earlier.
Looking for subjects during the day for night photography is really an odd preoccupation. Many times its the things you’d give no notice to, and very simple things, that make incredible night subjects. You have to really be able to learn to ‘see’ what might be and what could be rather than what is. …. Often its not exactly as I imagined it .. many times its sweeter. …
AND I’ve had two hour and more exposures fail for one reason or another! … Patience is a necessary virtue and the ability to laugh and learn when things flop. .. I know that in those moments of failure that I learn a lot more than I do when I succeed ..
Night photography is exciting .. for hours I sit in anticipation of just the one image I’m making. This and one other (a test for exposure with star points) were all I did last night. …

star trails .. 2 hours of exposure ..

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