Day 5, Project Creative Photography 365 – Twilight Windows

'Magic Windows'
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The lights from inside the barn were a warm contrast to the cold blue of the outside at twilight. Reflected trees played in the windows as I enjoyed how the rough, unpolished glass scattered the light into an orchestra of chaos. In tune with the theme, the window grilles divided the glass into a harmonious disarray.

Magic Windows magnificent in warm / cold contrast:


Minus the cold / warm contrast, the elegance of a single blue hue monochrome: Sans the cues of golden from warmth, blue monochrome suggests chill. While the golden glow in the first image invited me inside, the blue image suggests that I linger outside. Here I am aware more than ever of the frost mixing with the scattering light from the inside.


Why both images? Because I love them both. They each exude different stories/ emotions.
In the first image I feel welcome to come inside. The second suggests I am an outsider. Yet both attract me and perhaps the second even more so than the first, namely because as an outsider, I can linger to take in the harmonious disarray of the scene before me, unbothered by any distraction.

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