Enigma – Infrared Photography

“Enigma” ~ buy this infrared image here

The Why of the Exposure:

In searching for a title for this image it reminded me of a conscious dream: a dream that’s been dreamt but subjectively remembered upon awakening. The image is a trigger, transporting me backward in time, to dreams who’s content is now a blur. Perhaps tonight the dreamer will remember the content.

The How of the Exposure:
I captured this single exposure during broad daylight yesterday, as storm clouds were rolling in. The sky looked mysterious and I rendered it more so and moody with the use of an infrared filter (yep, on the camera).

Some characteristics of an infrared filter are:
1. It’s VERY dark, meaning you must compose your image prior to adding the filter. Once the filter is on its like a 10 stop ND filter, and you won’t be able to see through it.
2. It renders a longgg exposure, even in daylight. I love that and often make use of ND filters for that effect. Thus, you will see the blur of the moving trees and foliage, adding to a dreamy feeling.
3. It lets in only red wave lengths. In black and white photography, infrared makes blue skies nearly black and foliage white. This effect separates the clouds from the sky like no other.
4. It makes day look like its night. What you see looking like the moon isn’t the moon, but the sun!

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