FAITH & HOPE: my mascots


Introducing FAITH And HOPE!

I went for a walk after jumping rope today .. I had been scared today, so I began to think and list reasons why I was scared:
1. Not knowing how my lymph nodes were going to be
2. Worried about the small possibility of lymphademia and thinking the worst scenario of elephantiasis and disfigurement I could imagine. And I imagined not being able to do what I love because of it.
3. Worried about post surgical treatments because I take no medication now and I hate the thought of side effects (especially weight gain!)

Then I thought to myself, what do these things have in common? My answer: I can’t control them!
So as I finally reminded myself to give them to God and let them go, I focused once again on the positives.

I could see myself running soon as light as a feather and fast… I could SEE myself and I couldn’t see the worried scenarios.
As soon as I began to focus on the positive again, FAITH and HOPE came out to see me!

I ran to the owner, Todd and told him how his dogs are my angels. That after he told me their names I got the call that told me I had breast cancer. When he looked sad I told him how things would be and it wasn’t any of the scared stuff…

To Faith (gray)
And Hope (brown)

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