Fine Art Images Museum Gallery Wrapped on Canvas

Whew, I finally got this video completed which is a great way to show and tell “virtually” exactly what my fine art images are all about!

I understand that it can be difficult to picture what a canvas gallery wrap is. And furthermore, my images are actually museum gallery wrapped, which means that the printed canvas is stretched over 1.5 inch stretcher bars. The gallery wrap takes the image and continues it over the sides, creating a beautifully frameless fine art piece.

I have busy as can be updating my online web galleries. I have added several sizes of prints for people to choose from. I had been offering just three sizes and I added two smaller sizes for people who need smaller images and also two LARGER sized canvas’ for those folks with big walls or lots of walls .. or for corporations, hospitals, spas, etc. Now my sizes range from a 14 x 16 inch size all the way up to a 55 x 80 inch print – all museum gallery wrapped on canvas!!
My panorama gallery features a grand view of many panoramic landscapes and waterscapes photographs. The images there are available up to 90 inches wide!

Have fun exploring my latest endeavors! … questions? I am here to help!
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