Full Moon Rising – Last night image

Last night’s Full Moon rising

The lunar eclipse was early yesterday morning .. and this is the full moon rising just after sunset on the same night. It’s just above the horizon so the color of the moon is intensely yellow/orange/red, refracting light from the earth’s atmosphere. As it gets higher above the horizon the moon appears white against the dark sky. ..

Though I don’t often discuss technique, as I believe the resulting image should be the center of attention; the technique is the means to the photographer’s vision. While the technique is always a part of the artist’s story, it isn’t the emotion behind the image .. its a means of achieving (like painting) the feeling. Technique is important to a painter’s final image, however you don’t hear a painter talking about that technique to his art collectors. Likewise, its a reason I don’t often talk about my technique.

However, in some cases the technique is a bit more a part of the story for the public. In this case it has to do with the perspective you see here and the illusion that the moon is larger than you’d expect in relationship to the windmill. So I disclose part of my technique here: I used a (large lens) 600 mm lens with a 1.7 teleconverter to get the perspective you see here. This is a single exposure (not a multiple). I was standing approximately 4231 feet from the location you see here.

If you take a look at how perspective works, the further away we are from objects, the closer they appear to one another. If I had foreground field and pond included in this image and photographed with a shorter lens, the moon would appear much smaller in the image. However, because our eyes only register on where my lens focused on nearly a mile away (!) the moon appears as if it were huge compared to the windmill. Perspective renders the moon close to the windmill. .. Now you know a secret! Shhh!


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