Getting better all the time

Oh yes, it has been feeling SO GOOD to run again! I’m breaking into it more and more … Thursday I did just tiny bits of running within my walk, now I’m up to running 4 miles and then walking another 5 or 6.

Getting back to a little tabata style work too: a short 15 minutes of jumping rope, squats, step ups with shoulder press, and ab work.

… Doing bits of planks and plank walks to work my pecs slowly back to explosive push-ups and Burpees. The burpee is my favorite body weight exercise! I both hate and love it❤️ Its my pecs I need to go slow with after major surgery to that area…. So I’m getting there!…

Yoga after it all is awesome too!

Not bad for 6.5 weeks post bilateral mastectomy!




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