Grateful for my Scars

I have come to love the scars across my two breasts …
They have faded a bit in such a short time.
Does it sound odd to not want the scars to fully fade away?…
They remind me of the war I won against breast cancer.
My scars remind me of how fortunate I am… And My scars remind me that worry accomplishes nothing, …
My scars remind me of Jesus Christ, who endured the scars of my sin. … His scars remind me to be light on my feet and hold fast to Faith.
My scars have been a constant reminder to make my ‘new normal’ stronger than ever in soul, body and in mind… And to do it in complete JOY.

… I am grateful for my scars. Without them I may not be here to tell you their story.
How beautiful scars are!

Faith & Hope!
Thrive & Triumph!


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