IAT – Day 27 Ice Age Trail : 8 miles on the Devil’s Lake Section

View my youtube video from the Ice Age Trail near Devils Lake State Park! Oh, and I have more Devils Lake images to view … pssst, you can buy them for a song!

So this day was absolutely stunning .. kind of overcast but warmish, like low 70s or so. I’ve been bit and piece hiking and running the Ice Age Trail since May .. This section East of Devils Lake and through to Devil’s Lake is an 8 mile segment that took me through amazing land – prairie, marsh, forest and rocky cliffs! You’ll get a little glimpse of it all in my youtube video below.

Today, I’ve also GOT to do a plug for the merino wool (otherwise called smart wool) long sleeve shirt that I’ve been running in. Smart wool is certainly the name I choose to give because I have literally worn it for 10 days straight – NO WASHING! .. I did this to experiment to see if the shirt really wouldn’t stink after being on my running body for that many days. Well, the shirt is truly smart .. I may stink but my shirt doesn’t!! That is truly SMART wool! Just because you can wear the same shirt for days on end doesn’t mean you won’t want bunches of colors that they come in from Clear Water Outdoor!

And more of the story through the still photos…

Where I began yesterday
Watch for the trademark Yellow Blazes .. the Ice Age Trail!
Me on the trail .. a nice boardwalk in the swampy areas, heading towards Devils Lake
Me with my signature wave to the camera ..
crossing a very narrow creek 🙂

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