Infrared Boardwalk at the Scuppernong Springs

‘Not Taken’
The road not taken is almost always the one I prefer. .. the quieter road that stirs the intrinsically motivated to create. A quicker route might get me there faster, but where is ‘there’ anyway? One must ask this question. .. If getting ‘there’ means one has given nothing of themselves in the process then it would stand to reason that one has gotten ‘no where’ quickly. KW

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at Scuppernong area of Kettle Moraine, The boardwalks always intrigue me .. they lead the eye near to far, and not knowing exactly what lies beyond the space between, I most often give in to the temptation to explore that area that lies to the far end at the other side.

Learn and discover more about the beautiful Scuppernong Springs Area and Nature Trail in the words of Paul Mozina (passionate caretaker of this area).

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