Kristen’s Race of Faith to beat Breast Cancer – the full experience in a pdf

Kristen’s Race of Faith to beat Breast Cancer

I journaled my full experience with breast cancer. I was diagnosed on February 12, 2016 and two days later I opened up about it on Facebook. I was pretty scared to do so at first. I had no idea what my path was going to look like. I was scared of this cancer that I’d been newly handed. I knew nothing. …

Perhaps because I knew nothing I knew I needed to share what I was about to find out .. each step of the way. I knew nothing and I knew that this disease strikes one in eight women. That meant that many other women (and men) were facing, had just faced, or will face this same ‘knowing nothing’.

At an earlier time, not so long ago, cancer wasn’t talked about. I don’t understand the ‘hush, hush’ about it, but it was there. I didn’t want to go through something called cancer and not tell others about it. Maybe by sharing my personal journey I would help others going down this same path (now or in the future) with some of the fears due to the unknowns.

I journaled and kept notes on facebook the whole time and shared my journey with the world. I was met with support that overwhelmed me .. and the wonderful thing is that by hoping to help others, my sharing helped me more than I ever imagined.

Please click to read my pdf  .. and if you’d like, please follow my page on facebook page (created for my journey). The best part though were the responses to my posts which are only viewable on my personal facebook page. People are amazing .. and so many other survivors reached out to pray and encourage me along the way. If you’d like to read my posts and the responses please visit my personal page (open to all) and use this search  (it will bring up most of the posts I believe).


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  1. You were such a “rock” throughout your whole experience and in how you inspire others!

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