Lightning and Lightning bugs play with an abandoned stone house

Last night’s show was multi-faceted. Lightning screamed in all directions, yet it was slow, intermittent, and kept me guessing, giving up nothing to reveal where it would indulge its wondrous display… the lightning toyed with with me as the mosquitoes drank me in … the sunset weaved tapestry after tapestry, overwhelming the senses …
it was one of those times that I’d wished I could be in so many places at once, with many set ups, using many of my techniques … but alas, I must choose my candy and indulge until satisfied.

… and then as the sunset gave way to the nautical twilight’s dreamier colors, the fireflies came alive, dancing seemingly with the ribbons of light that fell from the sky.

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fireflies and sunset at abandoned house
And as the colors of the sunset faded to the final minutes of the nautical twilight the fireflies celebrated in neon tango.
lightning panorama with fireflies and abandoned stone house
‘Fireflies with Lightning’ “And God said, “Let there be light!” Then all the fireflies began to dance.” Linda Peterson

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