Memorial Day : Remembering why we are free and honoring those who fought and died for our freedom

Memorial Day : Remembering why we are free. This day is for coming together to honor those who fought and died for our freedom.


It is certainly a free day; though not in the sense that many make it. Today isn’t about discounts at your favorite store. It’s not about a day off from work. Today is one day out of the year in which the ‘soul’ of its purpose is in remembering why we have the freedom we have.

We enjoy a tremendous gift of freedom in this great country of ours. However, our freedom is not free. Someone paid the price for our (earthly) freedom.

As crowds get smaller in Hometown ceremonies that honor our fallen heroes, I believe it’s important to make the time to recognize the sacrifices that others made for us.


We can make the choice to gather with others, honoring those who sacrificed. Or we can choose to spend the day elsewhere. Before we choose the latter, please remember that our choice is ours because someone made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure we had that freedom.

God Bless America!


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